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problem solving exercises for teams

Group problem-solving skills, like exercise and playing the piano, grow easier and more effective with ample a-i-vabook.cfunately, most managers fail to recognize the need to develop the decision-making and problem-solving muscles of their teams, leaving money and performance on the table and potentially damaging their reputations. Jun 21,  · Some people may call it a problem, others call it a solution! Problem solving activities are a great way to get to know how your team works (both individually and together) and learn strategies that will help your team quickly react to any obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your project goals. Apr 12,  · Creative problem involves using one or more of the basic steps of problem solving in exercises designed to challenge the thinking. Problem solving activities work for every age group. In this article, we will present problem-solving activities for adults and kids. We will also provide you with group and team building problem solving ideas.

Top 15 Problem Solving Activities for Your Team to Master

Creative problem solving requires creative problem solving activities. Listed below are 20 interactive exercises that will help you through each step of the problem solving process. Problem solving activities that help you phrase and understand the problem you are trying to solve:.

Newspaper Headline — Try writing your problem as if it were a headline in a newspaper. You can write it as if the problem still exists, or as if the problem were already solved.

Try Tabloid headlines for even more creative ideas. How is the world different based on the solution? What were the steps you took to solve the problem? Then cut it down to 20 words; then to 10, then finally to only 5 words. These 5 words are the root of your problem and likely the root of your solution as well. Use basic language and simple metaphors if necessary.

Inspired by the subreddit ELI5. Ad Game — Have people mill about the room. Dumbest Idea First — Hold a contest to get the dumbest idea out first, problem solving exercises for teams. Encourage everyone to think of the absolute dumbest possible solutions to the problem. Problem solving exercises for teams you have a long list, go back through and see which ones may not be all that dumb.

Pick one of those ideas and generate 10 variations of that idea. Pick one idea from the new list and generate 10 more variations. Problem solving activities that help you narrow your list of possible solutions down to the best solution.

Futures Wheel — Pick a possible solution and write it in the center of a piece of paper. Find problem solving exercises for teams info here. Example: Really strong hand leads to: ability to open other types of jars as well, big forearms, possible blisters, …. Example: Really strong hand — 7pts. Punching the jar — 3pts.

A soft caress — 1pts, problem solving exercises for teams. Have the project board choose the winner. Coin-Flip — When deciding between two equally good solutions, flip a coin. Inspired by this poster. Example: Heads is strong hands, tails is a soft cares. End in Mind — To create your plan, start with the end in mind and work backwards. Establish key milestones and dates in reverse problem solving exercises for teams, starting with the end-of-project celebration and ending with today.

Idea Mock-ups — Create a mock-up of the solution. You can a create physical mock-up using the various supplies in your office or a virtual mock-up using images from around the web.

Gamification — Turn the completion of your project into a game, problem solving exercises for teams. Establish rules for how you earn points, create badges to celebrate milestones and track game progress.

Learn more about gamification. Example: For each squeeze of the PB Gripper, you get 1 point. After 1, points you should be able to open the Peanut Butter jar. Be a Character — Add some fun to your work by executing your plan as if you were a fictional character. Think about how they would operate and get into character. Problem solving activities that help you review the results you achieved and the way you achieved them:.

Example: Using a strong grip to open the jar: 1 The ability to get peanut butter, 2 Other tools for opening jars, 3 The joy of cooking my own food, 4 Only eating peanut butter and nothing else. Example: STOP doing every single exercise for one solution. START finding snacks to eat while waiting to get to the solution. Find the Funny — Write a monologue or stand-up set that covers some of the funny moments or ideas from the project.

Share it with your team. The purpose of the above problem solving activities is to get you to think about problem solving exercises for teams problem in a different way and have some fun while solving it—both of which will enhance your creativity in finding and implementing a solution, problem solving exercises for teams.

Note: The example used may be a bit facetious but these exercises do work for tougher problems. I wanted to include an example to facilitate understanding and it happened to be around snack time.

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problem solving exercises for teams


Free problem solving exercises. You don’t often hear of problem solving exercises that start with finding the right problems to solve. Many would argue that they have enough problems to solve already without looking for more! If problem solving is to be more than just an exercise, of going through the motions, then looking for the right. Creative problem solving requires creative problem solving activities. Because even if you know all of the problem solving steps, it’s important to know exercises and techniques to actually execute each phase.. Listed below are 20 interactive exercises that will help you Author: Andrew Tarvin. In this article, we'll look at three team building exercises that you can use to improve problem solving and decision making in a new or established team. Exercises to Build Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills. Use the following exercises to help your team members solve problems and make decisions together more effectively.